College/University Student Observer

Student Observations


The School District of Indian River County (SDIRC) values creating experiences in which high quality teaching and learning can be observed in support of preservice education. We are committed to providing an effective learning environment for the student teacher as well as our own students. Therefore, the placement of student teachers, observers, and interns is a careful and thoughtful process.


The SDIRC requests adherence to the following procedures for classroom observation requests.

The student must complete the Application to Volunteer and the Application for Student Observation. The completed paperwork must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the desired date of observation, along with a signed letter from the instructor/professor or course syllabus indicating that the observation is required to complete necessary coursework. The Office of Curriculum & Instruction will notify the student of clearance details.

Completion of the following documentation is required:

1. Application to Volunteer
2. Application for Student Observation

Note: The instructor/professor must sign the Application for Student Observation.

3. Copy of class syllabus or signed letter from the instructor/professor validating the observation request within the identified course or semester.

The student may email completed documentation to [email protected]. The student may also deliver physical copies of the required documentation to the address below:

          Attn: Wendee Haddick
          6500 57th Street
          Vero Beach, FL, 32967


Students must work through the field placement liaison at their college or university regarding potential SDIRC placements. Students are not permitted to contact the school or the Office of Curriculum & Instruction directly to request placement. Institutions must agree to the district’s standard Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This written agreement must be finalized before consideration can be given to full-time internship and student teaching placement requests. Any college or university contact who wishes to establish a MOU should contact [email protected].