Project ReEnvision 2025

Project REenvision 2025

In January of 2020, the School District of Indian River County embarked on a mission to re-envision school excellence in ways that cultivate optimal learning conditions and school environments for students and staff to maximize educational outcomes for each and every student served by our district. Our ACHIEVE 2025 District Strategic Plan has been developed to guide our district through the needed transformations to realize unprecedented levels of student achievement.

Towards this end, our district has clearly established and outlined a Unifying Mission, Guiding Principles, Transformational Impacts, Focus Areas, Five-Year Targets, and Annual Strategies and Targets for implementation within our organization. Over the course of the next five years, our district will be actively and fully implementing this work on behalf of students to ensure that they will have the knowledge and skills to thrive in the communities of tomorrow and to ensure our actions are “Best by Kids!”

Annual Update 

District Strategic Plan Annual Update 2021-2022

District Strategic Plan Annual Update 2022-2023


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