Requesting a Conference in Focus

How to Request a  Conference in Focus

Not all schools or teachers may be using this feature to schedule conferences.  Please contact your student's school or teacher for information about how you can schedule a conference with them. 



  1. Log in to your Parent Portal account in Focus. screenshot of Request a Conference buttonIf you need to create a parent account, please visit before continuing.
  2. Select Request a Conference from the menu.
  4. Select your student's teacher from the dropdown.
  5. screenshot of Calendar
  6. Once selected, the teacher’s available times will show up on the calendar. If it says 'Not Available',  your teacher may not be using Focus to schedule his/her conferences. Please message the teacher to find out how you can schedule your student's conference.
  7. Select the time you prefer.
  8. Click Request Time.
  9. screenshot of appointment screen
  10. Enter the reason i.e Fall conference, Group conference etc. You may also need to enter your preferred method of conference. For example, in person, or virtual. 
  11. screenshot of Type of Conference box
  12. Click Okay.

Once your child's teacher approves your request, the appointment will be added to your calendar.


  1. From the Focus Portal, go to Request a Conference
  2. Select Approved/Denied Requests tab.
  3. You will see the appointment Status on the left side.


You are only able to cancel pending appointments. If you need to cancel an appointment that your teacher has already approved, please contact them directly.

  1. Go to Request a Conference.
  2. Select Pending Requests.
  3. Click Cancel next to the request you want to cancel.
  4. screenshot of Conference cancel button


  1. Log in to Focus.
  2. Select Request Conference.
  3. Click the Approved/Denied Requests tab.
  4. Click the Printer button on the top left and print.
  5. screenshot of print button


For conference issues with times, teachers, or scheduling, please call your child's school or teacher.

For technical issues related to scheduling in Focus, please call 772-564-3044.

Please note, not all schools or teachers may be using this feature. Please contact your school or teacher for information about how you can schedule a conference with them.


I am getting a message that I can't book a conference because I already have one at that time.

If you have booked a conference with a teacher at 5:00 - 5:15 and then try to book with another teacher that starts at 5:15, you will get this error. The system is unable to book appointments when the start and end time overlap. Schools can add buffer time between appointments to allow parents time to get from one appointment to the next.

I don't see the 'Request a Conference' button.

Please make sure you are logged in as a Parent in Focus. The button is only on the Parent Portal account. If you need to create an account, or update your password, visit our Parent Registration webpage at

I selected my student's teacher, but their calendar says 'Not Available.'

First, make sure you have the calendar view set to show appointments during conference week.  If you still don't see them, your teacher may not be using Focus. Please message them to find out how you can schedule a conference with them.