Steps to Teacher Certification

Steps to Teacher Certification

  • Applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college/university. If you have foreign transcripts, it is required to have them evaluated by an approved credential evaluation agency. For more information on foreign transcripts please visit:


  • Applicant must apply at and send official sealed transcripts that document the degree has been conferred/date awarded to Florida Department of Education.


  • If you have a bachelor’s degree with a major in the content area you would like to teach, the DOE will review your transcripts for subject specialization, and determine if you are eligible to receive a professional or temporary certificate prior to additional testing. Subject specialization for all certifications can be viewed at


  • If your degree is not in the area you would like to teach, then you must pass the subject area exam in the subject area/grade level you wish to teach (i.e., Elementary Education, Music, Math, English, etc.). To register for the subject area exam please visit


  • After you have passed the subject area exam, and applied to the Florida Department of Education (FL DOE) for certification; you will be eligible for a three- year temporary certificate in that subject area. You can apply at the following link:


  • The Florida Department of Education will send you the Official Statement of Status of Eligibility (SOE). This official letter will document the status of your application. It will either say you are eligible for a certificate or not eligible. It will list the additional steps needed to obtain certification.


  • If you receive a SOE that documents you are eligible to receive a teaching certificate, you may apply for instructional positions on Frontline . This is the on-line application system used at The School District of Indian River County (SDIRC).


  • If you are approved to receive a FL Temporary or Professional teaching certificate and hired for an instructional position by a public or charter school in our district, we will submit your fingerprint file to DOE and submit a request for the certificate to be issued.


  •  SDIRC Human Resources Personnel will inform you of additional requirements needed for employment. The SOE notice will also inform you of additional requirements you must meet during the validity period of your Temporary Certificate.  Some of those requirements may include successful completion of:
  1. General Knowledge exam
  2. Professional Ed exam
  3. The New Teacher Induction Program
  4.  Subject area exam
  5.  One year of full-time teaching experience
  6. Additional educational courses (18 +/- credit hours)
  7. These requirements must be met by March 15th of the year your Temporary Certificate expires (date subject to change).
  8. Course work may be completed by attending an accredited college/university or you may be eligible to apply and participate in School District of Indian River County Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP).


*All applicants must have a completed online employment application in Frontline:


Certification Contact

Adalia Medina-Graham


How to videos

Follow the link to watch videos that provide instructions on how to complete the initial, upgrade, addition, and renewal applications.

External Resources

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