Permit Requests

Building Permits and The Code Enforcement Office

The Board recognizes that on March 1, 2002, the Florida Building Code became effective, requires that the District establish a Code Enforcement Office, employ a Building Code Administrator (BCA) and code enforcement services. Approved project plans will be reviewed for code compliance, permits issued, and the work inspected. Two (2) types of permits will be issued: annual facility maintenance permits and building permits.

Annual Facility Maintenance Permits

Each school or facility will be issued an annual facility maintenance permit to facilitate routine maintenance, emergency repairs, building refurbishment, and minor renovations of systems or equipment. Qualifiers for this type of permit will be the Director of Maintenance and his or her designee. Permits will be issued I their names. The amount per maintenance project will not exceed $200,000. the permit is valid for one(1) year. A detailed log of alterations and inspections must be maintained and annually submitted to the BCA. The BCA retains the right to make inspections at the facility or site as deemed necessary.

Building Permits

Building permits are required for new construction, additions, remodeling, renovations, site work, structural modifications, major mechanical and electrical upgrades, roofing, re- roofing, and demolition. District project managers and /or their contractors will submit applications for permits to the Building Department. District coordinators will have Phase III documents reviewed by a licensed architect or engineer as required by F.S. 1013.38. After a review by the BCA a permit will be issued and work inspected. When work is deemed complete a Certificate of Occupancy will be granted.


All work performed on District- owned property including volunteer or service organization projects, shall be performed by state certified or licensed contractors and subcontractors. Local contractors can be used where their registration is valid . This is a requirement of State Requirements for Educational Facilities 4.1(5).


Workplace Screening and Fingerprinting Procedures