School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council, or SAC, is the name given to each school advisory council in the School District of Indian River County. Florida's 1991 System for School Improvement and Accountability legislation mandated that every school have a school advisory council.

Elected members of a school advisory council include teachers, educational support personnel, and parents. In high schools, students are also elected members. Business partners and community representatives are invited to be members by the principal.

SAC membership should reflect the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school. The majority of the SAC members should be parents and community members who are not employed at that school.

"The purpose of the SAC is to assist in the development, monitoring, and evaluation of the school improvement plan. SAC members may be requested to serve in other roles related to school improvement."


Resources for School Advisory Councils

  School Advisory Council's FAQ 
A comprehensive list of common questions regarding the duties, responsibilities, and membership requirements of school advisory councils. 

 School Advisory Council Handbook  Spanish Version
A handbook that will clarify the role of members on School Advisory Councils. 

 School Advisory Council Template for Meeting Minutes
A helpful template that can be used to record your SAC meeting minutes. It also includes tips on how to write minutes as well as what information needs to be included in minutes.

 School Advisory Council Membership Administration
Link to the Administrative page to manage SAC Membership Administration.