Parental Rights & Responsibilities

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Parental Rights & Responsibilities

Improve Parent and Teacher Cooperation in Homework, School Attendance, and Discipline.

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can click this SDIRC Focus Parent Portal Link to access and view information about their student, including student attendance and discipline. Work assigned to students at the secondary level can be found in the "Student Planner" tab in the Focus Parent Portal, while work assigned to students at the elementary level can be found in a student's traditional notebook planner. SDIRC parents/legal guardians are able to communicate with or request a conference with their child's teacher through the SDIRC Focus Parent Portal.

Section 1014.05(1)(a), F.S.

Learn About Courses of Study, Supplemental Materials, and How to Access and Review School Records

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can click this SDIRC Focus Parent Portal Link to access and view information about their student, including current year attendance, schedules, grades, discipline, standardized test scores, report cards, and online forms. 

If you are interested in obtaining your official transcript or student records you can do so by faxing or mailing a request to your school. If the school you attended is no longer open you may request your official transcript or educational records from the District Records Management Office. Please click here for more information on student records and to access the Student Information Request Form. 

Parents/legal guardians may also contact their child's school to learn about the course of study. Sources of district adopted instructional and supplementary education materials can be found by visiting the Instructional Materials public-facing webpage.

Student Information Request Form:


Sections 1014.05(1)(b) and 1004.05(1)(f)(3), F.S.

How to Inspect and/or Object to Instructional Materials

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can click this Instructional Materials link to find a list of currently adopted instructional materials (i.e. textbooks). Parents/legal guardians may also contact their child's principal if they have questions or want to review available print or digital resources.

The SDIRC ClassLink Public Portal provides parents /legal guardians with a complete list of digital applications adopted by the district.

Parents/legal guardians may contest the adoption of a specific instructional material, or object to the use of a specific material used in a classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a school or grade-level reading list.  School Board Policy 2522 - Objections to Adoption or Use of Instructional, Library Media, or Reading List Materials details the procedures.

Sections 1014.05(1)(b), 1014.05(1)(c), and 1014.05(1)(f)(6), F.S.

Procedures to Opt-Out of Comprehensive Health Education

A public school student whose parent makes a written request to the school principal shall be exempted from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS.

Sections 1014.05(1)(d) and 1014.05(1)(f)(1), F.S. 1003.42(5)

Learn About Student Clubs, Athletics, & Extracurricular Activities

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can learn more about Student Clubs, Athletics, and Extracurricular activities available for students at district elementary, middle, and high schools by accessing our Champions Lists for each school.

Sections 1014.05(1)(d) and 1014.05(1)(f)(1), F.S. F.S. 1003.42(5)

Receive Information About School Choice Options

SDIRC parent/legal guardians receive notification of open enrollment for School Choice options through School Messenger, The District Website, The Focus Parent Portal and Social Media.  School choice information can also be accessed here or by visiting the SDIRC Students & Families tab under Enrollment.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(2), F.S.

Immunization/Immunization Exemption Information

Certification of Immunizations or exemption is required for all students prior to admittance or attendance in the public or nonpublic schools.  Acceptable forms include DH680A-completed immunization, DH680B-Temporary Exemption, DH680C-permanent Exemption or DH681-Religious Exemption from Immunization.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(3), F.S.

Statewide Standardized Assessment Results

SDIRC Parents/Guardians can log in to their FOCUS Parent Portal account to view assessment results.  Results can be found in the student test history as well as in the link to the Florida Statewide Assessments portal in the top right of the Focus Parent Portal.
Florida statewide assessment results can be viewed on the Florida Department of Education Results Page.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(4), F.S.

Special Education Programs

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can click this link to view the Part B Procedural Safeguards.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(5), F.S.


Access Information Relating to School District Policies for Promotion or Retention, including High School Graduation Requirements

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can click here to view the SDIRC Student Progression Plan.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(7), F.S.

Access a School Report Card

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can click this SDIRC Focus Parent Portal Link to access and view student grades, progress reports, and report cards. The requirements for school districts to issue report cards are detailed in F.S. 1003.33 - Report cards; end-of-the-year status.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(8), F.S.

Attendance Requirements

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can find information on attendance requirements on the School District of Indian River County website under Students and Families, in the Parent Information Guide and Code of Student Conduct.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(8), F.S.

Access Information Relating to the State Public Education System and State Standards

SDIRC curriculum follows the state-adopted Florida Standards. SDIRC parents/legal guardians can access information relating to the state public education system, state standards, report card requirements, attendance requirements, and instructional materials requirements.

State standards:

Attendance requirements:

Instructional materials requirements:

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(9), F.S.

Participate in Parent-Teacher Associations and Organizations

Every district-operated school in the School District of Indian River County has a School Advisory Council (SAC) and most have a Parent-Teacher Organization or Association (PTO/PTSA). More information on each group can be found below.

2. School Advisory Councils

SDIRC parents/legal guardians can check their school's website for more information on local offerings.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(10)

Opt-Out of District-Level Data Collection Not Required by Law

SDIRC parents/legal guardians have the opportunity to complete the Parent Acknowledgement Forms in the SDIRC Focus Parent Portal Link annually. A list of the forms is accessible in the Student Code of Conduct.

Section 1014.05(1)(f)(11), F.S.

Notify Parents/Legal Guardians of Healthcare Services and the Option to Withhold Consent

At the beginning of each school year, parents/guardians are notified in writing of available health services as well as the opportunity to opt in or opt out of the provided services.

Section 1001.42(8)(c)(5), F.S.

Procedures to Request Information Pursuant to Parent's Bill of Rights (HB241)(2021)

Procedures to request information pursuant to Parent's Bill of Rights is available in the SDIRC Parent Informational Guide.

Section 1014.05(3), F.S.

Procedures for Alleged Violations of Parental Rights in Education (HB 1557) (2022)

The SDIRC Procedures for Resolving Student Welfare Complaints serves as a guide for school administrator's to follow-up with parents after receipt of a complaint.

Section 1001.42(8)(c)(7), F.S. and F.A.C. 6A-1.094125