Superintendent Recognized by NSPRA

School District Of Indian River County Superintendent Recognized Nationally As A “Superintendent To Watch”.
Posted on 01/10/2022

Vero Beach, FL, January 10, 2022– School District of Indian River County is proud to announce that our Superintendent, Dr. David K. Moore, has been selected as a 2021 Superintendent to Watch by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). Dr. Moore joins just 19 other superintendents nationwide who were selected for the honor in recognition of their innovative and effective use of technology to engage and inform the school community, and to expand two-way communication and outreach efforts.

Dr. David K. Moore, stated, “As I move into my third year serving as Superintendent of Schools in our county, I am honored to be selected by NSPRA as one out of 20 “Superintendents to Watch” nationwide. The SDIRC strives to be an organization that clearly, accurately, and transparently communicates with our stakeholders, and we are proud to be recognized as such.”


Below are some highlights from Dr. Moore’s exemplary communication efforts within our district: When district campuses and buildings closed, and in-person meeting ceased on March 13, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Moore initiated a way of communicating important updates and other information with our families, staff, and stakeholders through Facebook Live "Family Partnership" sessions. Dr. Moore's "Family Partnership" Facebook Live sessions became very popular, anticipated, and appreciated by our community in a time of uncertainty. In addition to these sessions that were livestreamed on SDIRC social media, Dr. Moore has continued to be active on his Twitter page since day one of his work. He posts, retweets, and "likes" posts to interact with our staff and stakeholders and provide updates on the happenings of our district.

One of the five Focus Areas identified in our strategic plan is "Communication & Engagement." Aligned with this focus area is a priority statement that defines the specific nature of the work. This focus area was identified to establish connections and trust among all internal and external stakeholders. Throughout the next five years, under the leadership of Dr. Moore, our district will increase the number of opportunities for community members to engage in district activities by 30%, increase the percentage of parents accessing our Focus Parent Portal (parent/student/teacher communication platform) by 26 percentage points, and increase the number of parent workshops offered by 35%. Dr. Moore understands the importance of transparency through communication with staff, students, families, and stakeholders.

Because of this trust and transparency in district communications, our district was able to continue forward momentum in ALL areas while navigating the pandemic. We continued to have our regularly scheduled, in-person board meetings, and the majority of the district office staff continued to work from their offices. For Board meetings, we began using Microsoft Teams so our Board members who chose to participate from home could actively be a part of the meeting. Under Dr. Moore's leadership, we accommodated those in the public who could not attend in-person to submit citizen input via email, and SDIRC staff members read the emails at the meetings. This effort allowed our community to share their ideas and opinions without attending in-person. Dr. Moore is very active in our community and appears at several community events such as, virtual learning laptop distribution, in-person and virtual town halls, 5k's, golf tournaments, parades, councils and committees that impact and benefit our community and organizations within.

School Board Chairman, Teri L. Barenborg, added, “The School District of Indian River County School Board is proud that Dr. David K. Moore was honored as one of the 2021 Superintendents to Watch. This award recognizes the dedication that he has put forth in creating innovative responses to the many changes that we have had to adapt to over the past two years. The updates and changes for technology use in our classrooms and the increase in transparency and community outreach that he has put in place have been recognized by the National School Public Relations Association, and we look forward to many more years of his leadership in Indian River County.” Since the 2015-16 school year, NSPRA has recognized 102 school district leaders as Superintendents to Watch. Honorees must have fewer than five years of experience as a superintendent and must demonstrate dynamic, fast-paced leadership with strong communication at its core. Visit to learn more about this award.

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