Create a Calming Toolbox

Create a Calming Toolbox
Posted on 04/06/2020
pink Wagon of calming items

For those times when feelings are escalating or you or your child just need a little break...a Calming Toolbox could be just the thing to help you through. Have fun creating a Calming Toolbox together and pull it out later as needed.

Examples of items that might help to promote calmness: small soft stuffed animal, bubbles, stress ball, putty/play-doh/slime (if old enough to not make a mess), coloring materials, small books, small snack, chap stick/lip gloss, scented lotion (preferably with a calming scent like lavender but really any enjoyable scent) that you can label "calming cream", small pinwheel to blow on, glitter jar/snow globe, family photographs, a small puzzle, cards illustrating deep breathing techniques, bubble wrap to pop, noise reducing headphones, small musical instruments, hairbrush, legos or blocks, colored pipe cleaners, feathers, small container of mints, a cup as a reminder to get a drink of water/hydrate, eye mask...really anything that you feel could be soothing.

Think of using your Calming Toolbox as on opportunity to take a mental break for a bit and recharge. Happy relaxing!