The Bureau of School Improvement has put out a great monthly resource filled with information that may assist your school in moving from good too great. Feel free to open the link:

Please see the Newsletter from The Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support for resources, guidance and Professional Development ideas:

December 5th is the new opening of the next BMT for ELA, Math. We have created a Science Comprehensive assessment for grades 5 and 8 that is also open from now until May for you to use as you want. PDF’s of the tests to be used for students with IEP’s that have the accommodation of a paper test will be available on December 5th on the Curriculum and Instruction site. 

Literacy Week 2017- January 23rd -27th , 2017 – Media Specialists and Literacy Coaches have received documents with detailed information so please check with them about the activities your school can participate in. Below is a summary: Ongoing all week – Guest readers, Reading buddies, and Reading Oath Monday –
Jan. 23rd - Poetry Contest – entries must be in digital format on the Canvas page – SDIRC Literacy Contest Tuesday - Jan. 24th – WOW day – Wonderful World of Words – Vocabulary day Wednesday – Jan. 25th - Reading Rainbow – at lunch for Elementary students Thursday – Jan. 26th - Celebrate Literacy Photo Contest – Each school may submit one photograph that promotes literacy. Friday – Jan. 27th – Read Across the District – Every person in each school and the district office will drop everything and read for 30 minutes. Schools and departments can decide when the 30 minutes will take place at their sites.


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