In an effort to save resources and time required by school staff to sort and handle flyers, approved flyers will be posted on this page.  

School backpacks will continue to be used for school administrators, teachers, and the school district to send communications and information home to parents, such as journals, classroom news, and grading information.  Flyers will not be sent home in student backpacks unless they are directly related to school business and are generated by the school or school district.

Posting of flyers does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the School District of Indian River County.

Note:  The dates in front of the Attachment links indicate the date of expiration for the flyer.

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Virtual Backpack Flyers for Students/Parents 

All flyers posted on this page will follow the requirements of School Board Policy 9700.

The Superintendent of Schools will have the sole discretion to grant approval for postings. 

Tutors who have proof of insurance and have gone through the fingerprinting process (at their own expense) will be allowed to post a flyer on the website, as this will benefit students in need of a tutor.


Virtual Backpack Flyers for Employees 

Flyers for employees must follow the requirements of School Board Policy 9700.


Procedure for submitting a flyer for display in the Virtual Backpack 

You may also hand deliver the flyer to Mrs. Davis at address is 6500 57th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32967.


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