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On 12/11/17 all VBHS students viewed “Know the Law”.

Know the Law is sponsored by Community Coalition Alliance which represents many prevention coalitions from across the state including our local SAFIR (Substance Abuse Free Indian River) coalition.

It is a program designed to make our local youth and young adults aware of the laws and their consequences as they apply to them.  “When they make decisions about their behavior, they should always consider the law and think about the consequences before they act.  ‘Ignorance of the law’ is never an acceptable excuse for breaking the law.  It is important for you to know that, as a member of our society, you have rights, responsibilities and privileges that are established by law.  Remember that you actions now will have a great impact on your future.  You alone are responsible for your behavior, not your family or friends.

Our VBHS “Know the law” presentation video was filmed very recently as a classroom presentation by our own SRO Deputy Ogonoski in Mr. Fonehouse’s Comprehensive Law Class.


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*Due to the nature and variety of courses at the high school level, students will receive specific supply requests at orientation or the first day of class.


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