festival disney choral competition

This past weekend (Apr 21-22) 36 singers in grades 9-12 made up 3 separate choirs and participated in the Festival Disney Choral Competition.  Choirs from all over the nation/world came this weekend to participate in this Festival.  Our singers met musicians from South Carolina, California, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Canada, and Brazil. Vero Beach High School Choirs received the Highest honors out of all the choirs. Ambassador Choir, Combined Women's Choir, and Men's Choir each received an overall rating of Superior. The Ambassador Choir received the Best in Class Award for the Concert Choir Division and the Women's Choir received the Best in Class Award for the Treble Choir Division. The Bronze Award went to the Ambassador Choir, the Silver Award went to the Women's Choir, and the Men’s Choir walked away with the Gold Award. Congratulations to our talented singers.