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VBHS Graduation Rates Announced (PDF)  VBHS Exam Schedule May 2018 (PDF)

Important Dates for Seniors (PDF)  Pre-Register Graduation Gallery (PDF)

The following information is regarding final exams this week:

Tuesday through Thursday 5/22-5/24, are exam days and classes begin at 7:20AM with dismissal at 12 noon.

See Our full exam schedule is posted as a PDF file on this front page of our school website.

Please note that due to test securities, students may not leave during the middle of an exam period.

If a student cannot sit for the entire exam period then a make-up exam time should be scheduled with the teacher this week, or through the guidance office if later than this week.

Thursday is the last school day for students, and teachers' last day is Friday.

Please check our website for summer reading assignments.  All English teachers have assigned summer reading and a related assignment for students.

We wish everyone a happy and safe summer!

VBHS Course Recover Summer 2018: 
VBHS Course Recovery will run Tuesday 5/29- Thursday 6/14.
Hours daily 8AM – 11:30AM.
Contact Person: Greg Ahrens 564-5500


Download this file (AP+Honors-Program-Application-for-Admission.pdf) AP+ Honors Program Application for Admission 

VBHS Supply List*

  • An Organization System (some type of three ring binder)
  • Paper         
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • A scientific calculator (must be model TI30XA, about $10.00)

*Due to the nature and variety of courses at the high school level, students will receive specific supply requests at orientation or the first day of class.


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