Mission Statement:  At Vero Beach Elementary School, we are Valuable Believers in Education who empower students to be college, career, and community ready through rigorous and relevant instruction tasks which inspire critical thinking, independent problem-solving, and stimulate natural curiosity.  We build relationships as a collaborative community of environmentally conscious, lifelong learners who value and respect themselves, pursue academic excellence with vigor, and contribute positively to the world around them.

Vision:  At Vero Beach Elementary, we believe we must:

  • Visualize Success 
  • Inspire Learning
  • Believe in the Tribe
  • Exceed Expectations

We celebrate our diverse culture and encourage our families to strengthen the bonds of collaboration by facilitating monthly events that focus on character building, academic achievement, and life-long learning.  We build upon this by visually representing the diversity of our students with large canvas photography spread evenly across our campus.   
We want to create an environment where students feel safe and respected.  With our Vision, that we refer to as our “VIBE” we have implemented school-wide expectations which are delivered through assemblies, digital reminders, daily morning announcements, posters in the hallways and through continuous staff encouragement.   

We have implemented a Positive Behavior Support System (PBS).  Students are encouraged to follow the VIBE expectations.  Their appropriate behaviors, acts of kindness and positive communication skills are rewards with Wampums.   
Research has shown that introducing, modeling and reinforcing positive social behaviors is of major importance to a student’s educational experience and success. Teaching behavioral expectations and rewarding students for following them establishes a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.

Our PBS Title One Teachers and our Student Support Specialist did a school wide classroom by classroom anti-bullying presentations with the PBIS message of stop, walk, talk.  These presentations gave students and teachers a step by step process of reporting any incidents that make them uncomfortable or that they may perceive to be bullying.  
We have a PBS Team.  We will be regularly to continue to develop and monitor our PBS system.  Staff will receive training to help promote the PBS model.   


VBE Positive Behavior Support Team

  • Cindy Emerson, Principal and Lead Learner
  • Rachel Moree, Assistant Principal and Lead Learner
  • Jay McLaughlin, Behavior Intervention Specialist
  • Jessica Singewald, Teacher and Facilitator
  • Betty Barth, Teacher
  • Samantha Glickstein, Teacher
  • Tisa Blidgen, Teacher
  • Jayde Norwood, Teacher
  • Diane Craner, Teacher

Supporting Activities

Many activities at Vero Beach Elementary are designed as effective interventions or promotional events to acknowledge and celebrate individual and group success. Constant, sincere recognition of positive behavior reinforces good decision making in individual students and teamwork in classes. Programs that offer proactive PBS support are:

  •  DARE 
  •  CCTV Student Recognition
  •  PBS Store
  •  Quarterly Bike Drawings
  •  Wampum & Tribal Passes
  •  Pride of the Tribe
  •  Friendly Feather Peer to Peer Recognition
  •  Social Skills Awareness Groups
  •  Community PBS Events
  •  Bully Prevention Program
  • Child Safety Matters
  • Pep Rallies
  • Tunnel of Hope
  • Conscious Discipline
  • Kids At Hope
  • PBIS presentations 
  • Little Chiefs Program


New additions the Tribe:

Jay McLaughlin is our new Behavior Intervention Specialist (a position formerly titled “Student Support Specialist”) that will serve as our PBiS leader. He will be working closely with our team to develop ongoing strategies and instructional models to organize and implement PBiS systems of behavior intervention and support that will sustain our tribe and maximize student achievement and success. VBE welcomes these new additions to the Tribe!