In order for a student to pay IN-State tuition, they must prove Florida residency. Click on the buttons below for a more detailed description of Florida residency for tuition purposes. 

Classification of residency for tuition purposes is defined by F.S. 1009.21.  Students shall be classified as residents or nonresidents for the purpose of assessing tuition.  A “resident” means a person who has maintained his/her residence in this state for the preceding year or has purchased a home which is occupied by him/her as his/her residence.  A “nonresident for tuition purposes” means a person who does not qualify for the in-state tuition rate. 

Each student has to submit documenation that he/she has been a Florida resident for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of class for which the student is enrolling. Please see Florida Residency Documentation List below under attachments.




Download this file (Florida Residency checklist.pdf)Florida Residency Checklist22 kB73 Downloads
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