Student Dress Code


Dress code standards foster a safe, healthy, and positive climate that promotes constructive discipline, maintains order, and supports the teaching and learning process. Every school shall publish its dress code on their school’s website.


Elementary school students wear a unified dress code. Each school will provide a description of their unified dress code.


Dress and Grooming Expectations for All Students:


District officials do have the flexibility to relax certain dress code requirements to ensure student safety and comfort.  For example, if our community is experiencing extremely cold weather, the code may be relaxed to allow heavy coats, denim jeans, and other cold weather apparel that may not meet standard school dress code requirements.

Note: The Principal has the final authority to determine when personal appearance does not meet expectations.                            

 State statute authorizes the school board to establish dress code requirements. All elementary schools will adhere to a unified dress code established by the school board and superintendent. For middle and high schools, the school board requires the School Advisory Council (SAC) to decide whether a unified or restrictive dress code is necessary for the safety and welfare of the student body and school personnel. When the SAC determines that a unified or restrictive dress code is necessary, the proposition shall be submitted to a vote of the families of students at such school, pursuant to a procedure established by the superintendent. If the proposition is approved by persons eligible to vote, and passes with a written vote of at least fifty percent + 1 (majority vote) in favor of the proposition, then the requirement for a unified or restrictive dress code shall be established and enforced at that school.


Additional information may also be referenced in Florida State Statute 1001.43(1)(b) and School Board Policy 5511.


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