• ManageBac is the leading online learning platform for IB world schools.
  • ManageBac enables efficient curriculum planning, assessment and reporting, while eliminating paperwork and enhancing communication to parents and students.
  • ManageBac is a service provided by Faria Systems Inc., which was founded in 2007 by three former IB students at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • ManageBac helps SRHS keep track of student progress through the CAS requirement.
  • ManageBac is only available to students in the DP
  • pre-IB/AP students do not have access to ManageBac.


How can parents keep track of their child? 

  • ManageBac offers parents access to their child’s progress. 
  • Parents can only see THEIR child’s progress.


How do parents create an account? 

  • Your child MUST have an account first.
    • As the IB Coordinator, I set up each student’s account at the end of their sophomore year; if the student transfers to SRHS over the summer, then the student’s account will be created at that point or at the beginning of the school year
  • You will need to email me or call me.  772-564-4369 or  This is the information I will need:
    • Your first and last name
    • The email address you want to use for the account
    • Your child’s name
  • Once I have this information, I will create your account
  • You will receive an automated email from ManageBac. 
    • Click the link “Click to set password”
    • Write down your password, because ManageBac requires a strong password that may not be easily remembered.  I cannot access your account to help with password or username retrieval.
    • = the web address you use to log on



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