NyFF Financial Aid Brochure


IRSC Financial Aid Presentation 


How Can I get Financial Aid or Scholarships for College? 


Bright Futures Scholarship Program  (OFSA) (Florida Financial Aid) (Must complete prior to graduation)


Beginning October 1, 2018 Apply for FAFSA (Federal Financial Aid) (Must complete prior to graduation)


Scholarship Foundation of Indian River County (Ends January 30, 2019)


Beginning November 1 –  Apply for Indian River State College Scholarship Program (Ends January 30, 2019)


Beginning February 1 - Local Scholarships – February 1, 2019 – March 15, 2019 – Available on Guidance Link 

Ongoing:  Search for scholarships on the Florida Virtual Campus website

  • Be organized!! Mark application deadlines on your calendar. The earlier you apply the better your chances are to obtain a scholarship!
  • Take the time to write an excellent essay. Creativity, unique points of view, humor, how you overcome adversity all adds interest to an essay. Do not forget to proof read and get input from friends and family.
  • If you need recommendation letters, choose wisely, select people who know you well and who want to see you succeed. Give the person plenty of time to complete your letter – at least two weeks. Provide them with a high school resume so they can incorporate your activities and/or community service into their letter.
  • Volunteer hours are required for many scholarships including Bright Futures. Volunteer forms must be turned in to the students’ assigned counselor to be properly documented.   https://www.indianriverschools.org/index.php?option=com_attachments&task=download&id=394
  • Transcripts Needed – return this form to Ms. Delatorre in Guidance (no parent signature needed if student is 18 or older). https://www.indianriverschools.org/index.php?option=com_attachments&task=download&id=393


Vero Beach Choral Society Scholarship - due January 31st


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