Sebastian Elementary Dress Code Guidelines



  • Bottom: Solid Colors:  Khaki, navy, dark green or white shorts or pants
  • Top:  A solid collared shirt. Any color (Shirts must be tucked in)
  • Hats are not to be worn in the building ( with the exception of special days i.e. Hat Days sponsored by PBS)


  • Bottom: Bottom: Solid Colors: Khaki, navy, dark green or white  (skirt, shorts, skorts, or pants  -skirts, shorts, and skorts must be fingertip length and must fit at the waist).
  • Top:  A solid collared shirt or Peter Pan blouse. Any color (Shirts must be tucked in).
  • School T-Shirt and Jeans can be worn on Friday for Spirit Day. Jeans must fit at the waist, and be secured by a belt.


Shoes/Socks:  Tennis Shoes Only ( students participate in 30 minute physical activity time each day). NO OPEN TOED OR BACKLESS SHOES, CROCS OR BOOTS.