Membership on our School Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of administration, teachers, support staff, parents and community members. All members must be elected to the Council by their peer group. If you are interested in serving as a voting member of SAC, please submit your name to the principal. Elections take place for parents at the first general PTA meeting. There are 17 members on the 2018-19 SAC.

One of the responsibilities of our School Advisory Council is to review the goals of our school improvement plan. Each year goals are set that will increase student achievement at our school which results in our school grade and Adequate Yearly Progress status. The plan can be viewed by parents and community members by visiting the Florida Department of Education website. Go to the index and click on the school improvement link. There will be a read only link on that page. You could choose Indian River County then the school of choice (Rosewood Magnet School) and it will bring up the school improvement plan. We hope that you will take time to become familiar with our goals. 


SAC Membership & SAC Minutes

SAC Handbook