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Rosewood's Code of Conduct

Rosewood Magnet School's Code of Conduct follows the School District of Indian River County's Code of Student Conduct 2017-2018. A copy of this booklet is provided to all parents and students in the school's orientation folder August of each school year. Parents and students are to read the booklet and sign a Student/Parent Acknowledgement Form which is kept on file at the school.

Parents/Students of all Indian River County Magnet Schools are also responsible for signing a magnet school commitment form that is also kept on file in the office. Failure of parents or students to follow this commitment may result in the student's return to their home school.

It is the expectation of each student at Rosewood Magnet School to follow our school Code of Conduct which is based on the 3 R's......Be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn. Our behavior system is based on our Character Counts program which teaches each student the six pillars of character and the importance of developing values that will help them become productive citizens in our society. Our behavior program is based on the Social Skills Training model of "Stop and Think". This behavior approach teaches students to make good choices along with learning strategies to resolve conflict or bad choices. It teaches students how to problem solve and reflect on what their choice was and what they could have done differently to make it better. The whole premise of the approach is to provide a safe learning environment for each student, teacher, staff member and parent so that learning and instruction will be optimized.

Our school line rules are the 4 S's which are single, straight and silent for safety. Please encourage your child to comply with all school rules.

Our school code of conduct is based on strong parent involvement and support with the ultimate goal being a positive, safe environment for teaching and learning.

Student Expectation
Students are expected to behave in a manner conducive to academic progress for themselves and others. At all times, each student is expected to show respect for teachers, school personnel, and fellow students. Failure to follow school rules will require a parent conference with the teacher or an administrator and may result in a return to the student's home school.

Instructional Activities
Our staff is expected to communicate and support the mission and goals of Rosewood Magnet by providing a caring and nurturing environment conducive to academic learning and leadership development for all students. Teachers will plan instructional activities that will infuse the Core Knowledge curriculum into the Common Core Standards/NGSSS required by the State of Florida Department of Education. All staff members will promote and support a feeling of collegiality. Staff members will contact parents whenever necessary, dress professionally, and seek ways to maintain and develop professional excellence.