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automatic liability insuranceWelcome to the Risk Management and Employee Benefits Department. Our staff members are here to provide service and assistance to students, employees and their families. We recognize that in many instances, employees seeking help are experiencing medical treatment and are under considerable stress. Understanding health benefits and Workers' Compensation requirements can be very complex and frustrating. The information on this web site can assist you. More importantly, don't hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

Our Mission: To serve the students and employees of The School District of Indian River County by establishing, to the extend possible, a safe and secure enviornment to provide a portfolio of affordable and competitive benefits to employees and retirees. 


 Risk Management Reference GuideWorkers Compensation Handbook 

 pdf icon large Risk Management Reference Guide

pdf icon largeReference Guide for Exposure Categories


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F

Appendix G

Appendix H

Appendix I

Appendix J



 pdf icon largeWorkers Compensation Handbook 
 Hold Harmless AgreementsFacilities Use Documents

pdf icon largeMinor UNDER age 18

pdf icon largeMinor with DIABETIC condition

pdf icon largeNon-Student Participant OVER 18

pdf icon largeVendor Hold Harmless Agreement

pdf icon largeFacility-Use-Hold-Harmless-Statement 

pdf icon largeProcedures-for-Facility-Use 

pdf icon largeRequest for Facilities Use 


Automatic-Liability-Insurance-Coverage (PDF)

Tagline-Non-Discrimination (PDF)

First Report of Injury (XLS)

Workers-Compensation-Prescription-Card (PDF)  



Download this file (2018 Minor UNDER age 18.pdf)2018 Minor UNDER age 18.pdf203 kB108 Downloads
Download this file (2018 Minor with DIABETIC condition .pdf)2018 Minor with DIABETIC condition .pdf204 kB86 Downloads
Download this file (2018 Non-Student Participant.pdf)2018 Non-Student Participant.pdf114 kB91 Downloads
Download this file (2018 Over age 18.pdf)2018 Over age 18.pdf113 kB51 Downloads
Download this file (2018 VENDOR HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT.pdf)2018 VENDOR HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT.pdf112 kB111 Downloads
Download this file (Safety-Matters-October-2018-Gen3.pdf)October 2018 Safety Newsletter617 kB3 Downloads
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