DATE:  February 2, 2018

Cristen McMillan
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SDIRC in partnership with the education foundation hosts regional science and engineering fair secondary awards ceremony at sebastian river high school


Vero Beach, FL, February 2, 2018--The Education Foundation of Indian River County, in partnership with the School District of Indian River County, hosted the Indian River Regional Science & Engineering Fair Secondary Award Ceremony on Thursday, February 1, 2018, at the Sebastian River High School Performing Arts Center.

Over $1.5 million dollars in college scholarships and academic prizes were awarded during the ceremony.

A total of 218 secondary projects (6th – 12th grades) were presented during the regional fair by 12 public and independent Indian River County middle and high schools. 


George E. Warren Best of Show Senior (cash award and plaque): Omar Shareef – St. Edward’s Upper

Toyota of Vero Beach Best of Show Junior (cash award and plaque): Zachary Hessler – Gifford Middle School

PLACE AWARD WINNERS BY CATEGORY (first place - $60, second - $40, third - $20):

Animal Sciences - Junior


Animal Sciences - Senior


Behavioral & Social Sciences – Junior


Behavioral & Social Sciences – Senior


Biomedical & Health Sciences – Junior


Biomedical & Health Sciences – Senior


Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry – Junior


Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry – Senior

1st place: Katelyn Wahl & Alexandria Thull – Sebastian River High School


Chemistry - Junior A


Chemistry – Junior B


Chemistry – Senior


Earth & Environmental Sciences – Junior A


Earth & Environmental Sciences – Junior B


Earth & Environmental Sciences - Senior


Engineering Junior


Engineering – Senior


Environmental Engineering – Junior


Environmental Engineering – Senior

1st place: Alejandro Wang – St. Edward’s - Upper


Intelligent Machines, Robotics & Systems Software – Junior


Intelligent Machines, Robotics & Systems Software – Senior


Mathematics & Computational Sciences – Junior


Mathematics & Computational Sciences – Senior

1st place: Anand Chundi – St. Edward’s - Upper


Microbiology - Junior


Microbiology - Senior

1st place: Griffin Wagner – Vero Beach High School


Physics & Astronomy – Junior A


Physics & Astronomy – Junior B


Physics & Astronomy – Senior


Plant Sciences - Junior


Plant Sciences - Senior



Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Scholarships ($20,000 scholarship):

Codey Smithson - Sebastian River Middle School


Florida Institute of Technology ($978,000 in scholarships):

Note:  Scholarship Amounts over 4 years

Student name:                          $Amount:                    Category:

Cabria Brown                           $72,000                                   Animal Science

Jack Zoltak                              $60,000                                   Animal Science

William Munz                          $72,000                                   Behavioral & Social Science

Jane Callaghan                         $72,000                                   Biomedical & Health Sciences

Gabriella Carlson                      $60,000                                   Biomedical & Health Sciences

Ivor Zimmerman                     $72,000                                   Chemistry

MK Sams                                 $72,000                                   Chemistry

Christopher Fashek                  $72,000                                   Earth Environmental Science

John Strauss                             $60,000                                   Earth Environmental Science

Jacob Chesley                           $72,000                                   Engineering

Christopher Powell                  $60,000                                   Engineering

Alejandro Wang                       $72,000                                   Environmental Engineering

Omar Shareef                           $72,000                                   Intelligent Machines/Robotic

Clara Martin                            $60,000                                   Intelligent Machines/Robotic

Anand Chundi                          $72,000                                   Math and Computational Sci.

Griffin Wagner                         $72,000                                   Microbiology

Joshua Canevari                       $72,000                                   Physics and Astronomy

Ryan Niederpruem                   $60,000                                   Physics and Astronomy

Will Franco                              $72,000                                   Plant Science

Aidan Holm                             $60,000                                   Plant Science


Indian River State College Scholarships (certificate and 4 year scholarship - $13,500):


Link Foundation Award ($1,000 award and certificate):

Mark Land – Sebastian River High School


Dr. R. Keith Chapman Award (Cash award and certificate):


Indian River Alumni Recognition of Scientific Achievement Award

(Cash award and certificate):

American Association of University Women STEM Award (cash award and certificate):


Legler Orthodontics Award (cash award and certificate):

Griffin Wagner – Vero Beach High School


Ron Chesley – Math and Computational Science Award (cash award and certificate):

Anand Chundi – St. Edward’s - Upper


Vero Beach Neurology and Research Institute Award (cash award and certificate):

Jane Callaghan – St. Edward’s - Upper


Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Award: (cash award and certificate):


VanDeVoorde Hall Law, P.L. Spirit of Innovation Award: (cash award and certificate):

Genevieve Presti - Sebastian River Middle School


Lelan and Moira Cable Marine Science and/or Engineering Award: (cash and certificate):


Donald Lambert Memorial Award (Dare to be Different) (cash and certificate):


TJ Evens Environmental Science Award (cash award and certificate):

Makhyre Baskin - Gifford Middle School


Ronald Jaffe Enthusiastic Award (cash award and certificate):

Abigail Monfiston - Sebastian River Middle School


Roger Jones Memorial Award (cash award and certificate):

Austin Emerson – Sebastian River Middle School


Green Patrol Award in Environmental Science (cash award and certificate):

Maeve Reicher – St. Edward’s - Middle


Creative & Innovative Methods for Reducing Carbon Footprint Award (Cash Award & Certificate)

Kayla Tyson – Storm Grove Middle School


Innovation Award (Cash Award & Certificate)

Marissa Vatland – St. Edward’s - Middle


The Resource Ingenuity Award (Cash Award & Certificate)


Banov Architects Recognition Award (Cash Award & Certificate)

Genevieve Presti – Sebastian River Middle School


The Linda Voss Excellence in Life Science Award (Cash Award & Certificate)

Liliana Elliot – Gifford Middle School


Sebastian Charter Jr. High Outstanding Middle School Award: Cash award & Certificate)

Hassan Sharar- Sebastian Charter Junior High




American Meteorological Society (certificate of achievement):  Marcus Fini – St. Edward’s - Upper


American Psychological Association (certificate of achievement):  Andrew Bickel - Storm Grove Middle School


Association of Women Geoscientists (certificate of achievement):  Briony Weragoda - Sebastian River Middle School


Broadcom MASTERS Middle School Program competition (An opportunity to apply on-line to advance to a national competition & certificate of achievement):


Mu Alpha Theta (certificate of achievement):  Anand Chundi – St. Edward’s - Upper


NASA EARTH System Science Award (certificate of achievement):  Briony Weragoda - Sebastian River Middle School


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (certificate and medal):

Lucy Long - Storm Grove Middle School


Office of Naval Research (U.S. Navy/ U.S. Marine) (certificate and medal):

Junior Division:


Senior Division:


Ricoh Americas Corporation (certificate):  Victoria Lahey - Storm Grove Middle School                    

U.S. Air Force Award (instructional letter only):                  


U.S. Metric Association (certificate of achievement):  Tyler Savrda - Storm Grove Middle School


Yale Science and Engineering Association (certificate of achievement):  Oliver Balu – Sebastian River High School


Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award (certificate of achievement):  Omar Shareef – St. Edward’s - Upper


STATE BIDS to compete at the Annual State of Florida Science and Engineering Fair in Lakeland, Florida, March 27th thru March 29th 2018.


State Bids by project #:

Senior State Bid Projects:


Junior Bids by Project:


International Bid to compete at the 2018 INTEL International Science & Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, PA, May 13th – 18th 2018

Omar Shareef – St. Edward’s - Upper 

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For more information about the Indian River Regional Science and Engineering Fair visit or contact Cristen McMillan at 772-564-5527 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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