DATE:  January 11, 2018

Cristen McMillan
Phone:  772-564-5527   


Vero Beach, FL, January 11, 2018– The School District of Indian River County, in partnership with Solid Waste Disposal District, grants from the Carton Council, and Waste Management’s “Think Green” Program launched a recycling program at four pilot schools.  The schools that will pilot the program are Storm Grove Middle School, Vero Beach High School Freshman Learning Center, Pelican Island Elementary School, and Rosewood Magnet School.  Each school will have a recycling center set up in their cafeteria.  Teachers, staff, School Board Members, County Commissioners, and community members will be at each of these schools this week supporting the students in this new endeavor. 

Pelican Island Elementary School earned the Green Apple designation earlier this year and is working toward their goal of becoming a “Green School.”  As an additional step in their recycling program, they will also be composting their food and biodegradable trays.

Stephanie Fonvielle, Recycling Education and Marketing Coordinator for the Solid Waste Disposal District, said, “The students and staff at each of the four schools did a phenomenal job with the new recycling program. The students were well prepared for the changes in the cafeteria and they impressed us with how well they sorted the recyclables. The volunteers at all four schools reported that they were really impressed with how organized the school staff was and how well the students followed the new instructions.”

School District of Indian River County Superintendent, Dr. Mark Rendell, stated, “We are so excited to see students actively participate in recycling initiatives that will safeguard and protect our environment.  We hope that these actions become habits that they will practice throughout their lifetime.  This is a great example of how different agencies can work together for the benefit of the community.  We are thankful for the support provided by the Carton Council and Waste Management.”

Data collection will take place at each of these schools to track the decrease in garbage with the recycling program in place.  Our hope for the future is to expand the program to all district schools, and educate student ambassadors who will grow into responsible, environmentally conscious adults.

recycling program1

School Board member, Laura Zorc helps Storm Grove Middle School students go through the new recycling process.


recycling program1

Indian River County Commissioner O’Bryan, and Stephanie Fonvielle, Recycling Education and Marketing Coordinator for the Solid Waste Disposal District, wait for students to come through the new recycling center at Storm Grove Middle School.

recycling program1 

Indian River County Commissioner Zorc, and County Administrator, Jason Brown, volunteered their time at Storm Grove Middle School to support the students in their new recycling endeavor.


recycling program1

Students at Storm Grove Middle School dump liquids into a bucket before putting recyclables into the bin and disposing of their waste.