DATE:  September 10, 2017

Cristen McMillan
Phone:  772-564-5527 


Vero Beach, FL, September 10, 2017– Indian River County Public Schools will remain closed through Tuesday, September 12th. A decision as to when to open schools will not be made until damage assessments at all school buildings are complete and we are confident it is appropriate to resume normal operations. 

Superintendent Mark Rendell stated, “We will remain closed through Tuesday. Because we will still be impacted by Hurricane Irma on Monday, it is not certain when we will resume normal operations. There are a lot of factors we must consider before re-opening schools. First is physical safety. We need to make sure that all of our schools are safe and ready for use. That includes having electrical power, and water and plumbing services restored. After Hurricane Irma passes, we will physically inspect all of our facilities to assess damage and determine the condition of readiness. In addition, we need to think about people. We don’t want to put anyone in harm’s way. Many families evacuated and we need to take that into account when determining when to re-open. Evacuees will need some time to safely return to the area. We will make announcements regarding Wednesday and beyond after we assess the entire situation.”