DATE:  September 1, 2017

Cristen McMillan
Phone:  772-564-5527 


In negotiations for the 2016–2017 contract, the school district and representatives from the Communications Workers of America Local 3180 bargaining teams reached an agreement on the evening of August 25, 2017.  The agreement included an overall salary increase of 2% based on the CWA average hourly rate, equivalent to increasing each salary cell by $0.31, applied prospectively upon date of ratification. Additionally, all CWA employees in an active employment status, as of the date of ratification, will receive a $200.00, one-time, non-recurring payment, no later than November 30, 2017.

After hearing from employees and community members expressing their concerns for our lowest paid employees, the School District of Indian River County is happy to have come to an agreement with the CWA bargaining team on these increases. Custodians, cafeteria workers, and students monitors in pay grade 3 will go from an hourly wage of $10.83 to $11.14.  Data entry clerks, bus assistants, and cafeteria bakers and cooks in pay grade 4 will go from an hourly wage of $11.34 to $11.65.  Media Assistants, receptionists, and self-care aides in pay grade 5 will go from an hourly wage of $11.55 to $11.86.

President of CWA Local 3180, Mike Murray, stated, “The CWA and its bargaining team are very excited to have finally reached an agreement on the 2016-2017 contract reopener.  We look forward to working with the District’s new bargaining team leadership in the future to obtain a quicker resolution to matters as they arise.”

The agreed upon contract will extend through June 30, 2018, with no re-openers, unless mutually agreed to by both parties.