DATE:  August 20, 2017

Cristen McMillan
Phone:  772-564-5527 


Test results indicate satisfactory results and approval for re-occupancy of 800 wing. 

Vero Beach, FL, August 20, 2017– Official post remediation testing and air quality testing reports indicate satisfactory results and approval for re-occupancy for Osceola Magnet School’s 800 wing.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Jon Teske, stated, “The School District of Indian River County will continually ensure the safety and well-being of all students, teachers, and staff. We will continue to monitor and inspect the indoor environment of this school and all facilities within the school district.”

Osceola Magnet teachers who occupy the 800 wing will have the opportunity to move back into their wing today, and students will start the day in their normal classrooms on Monday. The School District of Indian River County’s Physical Plant and Maintenance Department have conducted a walk-thru and visual inspection of the 800 wing prior to teachers and students reoccupying the classrooms. Starting Monday, August 21, Osceola will be following a normal bell schedule. Regular before and aftercare charges resume, and bus transportation schedules are back to normal. Absences will still be excused for all students until final reports for the 700 wing are received. Final air quality reports for the 700 wing are still pending and are expected Monday afternoon. Please remember, due to the solar eclipse, and following procedure with the rest of the district schools, absences or early pick-ups will be excused for Monday, August 21st, however, a normal attendance routine for all students is expected starting

Tuesday, August 22, 2017. Press release to follow announcing official results for 700 wing on Monday afternoon.

Official testing results and credentials for EE&G, Mr. Restore, and AIRMD, mold remediation and air quality testing companies, are available on the School District of Indian River County’s website and Osceola Magnet School’s website.