DATE:  August 16, 2017

Cristen McMillan
Phone:  772-564-5527 


Test results indicate satisfactory results and approval for re-occupancy of 600 wing. 

Vero Beach, FL, August 16, 2017– Official post remediation testing and air quality testing reports indicate satisfactory results and approval for re-occupancy for Osceola Magnet School’s 600 wing.

Simon Hahessy, Vice President and Scientific Director at AirMD stated, “AirMD, at the time of assessment on August 11th and 13th, 2017, identified that the remediation was completed successfully and the fungal spore types identified and quantities measured were similar or lower compared to outdoor concentrations typically found in Florida. Based on this, classrooms in the 600 wing are ready for occupancy.”

A team is gathered at Osceola Magnet developing a plan of action for the K-1 students and teachers to move back into their wing.  The School District of Indian River County’s Physical Plant and Maintenance Department will conduct a walk-thru and visual inspection of the 600 wing prior to 2pm today.  Following this, teachers will be able to move into the wing this afternoon, and students will start the day in their classrooms tomorrow morning.  Staggered start for kindergarten ends today 8/16/17, as planned, and all kindergarten students are scheduled report to school tomorrow 8/17/17.  The 700 and 800 wings will remain closed pending results at the end of the week.  If parents desire to keep students home for the remainder of the week, excused absences will continue to be granted through Friday.  Early release schedules remain in place, and before and aftercare services are still free of charge for the remainder of the week to all Osceola families.  Official testing results and credentials for EE&G and AIRMD, mold remediation and air quality testing companies, are available on the School District of Indian River County’s website and Osceola Magnet School’s website. 

Principal Scott Simpson shared, “Our teachers were amazing this week, creating structured and positive lessons while co-teaching in new classrooms.  Our kindergarten and first grade teachers are excited to move back into their classrooms, where we can continue to be one of the highest-performing schools in the state of Florida.”



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