DATE:  June 21, 2017

Peggy Poysell
Phone:  772-564-3150


Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) announced on Tuesday the 2016-2017 FHSAA Class 9A Floyd E. Lay Sunshine Cup All-Sports Awards Champions. As noted on the FHSAA website, “…the race for the 2016-2017 FHSAA Floyd E. Lay Sunshine Cup All-Sports Awards has come to a close.” At the top of the list of winners for Class 9A was Vero Beach High School, with 123.5 overall points. 

According to an overview of the FHSAA Floyd E. Lay Sunshine Cup All-Sports Awards Program, points are awarded a school based on its finish in FHSAA State Series competition in each sport in the classification in which it has been assigned to compete. The top 16 places are scored. In bracket and non-bracket sports, points are awarded for the state champion, for the state runner-up, for the state semifinalists, for 5th-8th places, and for 9th-16th places. In sports where 16 or less schools qualify for the state tournament bracket, points will only be awarded to the 1st through 8th place finishers using the same scoring system. Schools get a 2-point bonus for winning a district or regional championship, and points are deducted for unsporting conduct. 

Vero Beach High School Athletic Director, Lenny Jankowski, said, “What a great year for Vero Beach High School Fighting Indians both on the court and in the classroom! We have great coaches and great student-athletes. I’m very proud of the coaches, the athletes, our fans, and the many others involved.” 

Shawn O’Keefe, Principal, said, “We could not be prouder of our student athletes for what they accomplish, as they represent our outstanding school culture and spirit.” 

Congratulations Vero Beach High School!!!