DATE:  June 8, 2017

Peggy Poysell
Phone:  772-564-3150


Individual Florida Standards Assessments, End-of-Course Exams, and Science Scores were released today by the Florida Department of Education. Notable highlights for Indian River County School District include: 

  • Districtwide increased proficiency in both English Language Arts (ELA) and math 3 to 6 percentage points in grades 3-5 
  • Districtwide increased Geometry proficiency from 46% to 51%, Algebra 2 from 49% to 56% 
  • 10 out of 16 elementary schools made gains in 4th grade ELA 
  • 10 out of 16 elementary schools made gains in 5th grade math 
  • 4 out of 6 middle schools made gains in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math 
  • District scores were above the State average in 7th grade math, 10th grade ELA, Algebra 2, and US History 

Bruce Green, Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Assessment, said, “This initial release of data allows us to see how well we performed in certain areas; however, the real work of dissecting and disaggregating the data will be done over the summer. This will allow us to identify specific areas for instructional improvement. Congratulations to the schools, students, and staffs who made improvements.” 

Individual Highlights include: 

  • Treasure Coast Elementary 3rd grade math increased from 49% to 84% proficient 
  • Beachland Elementary 5th grade science increased from 63% to 80% proficient and 5th grade ELA from 58% to 82% proficient 
  • Citrus Elementary 3rd grade ELA went from 35% to 46% proficient 
  • Dodgertown Elementary 4th grade math increased from 36% proficiency to 60% proficiency 
  • Vero Beach Elementary math increased proficiency scores in each grade 
    • 3rd grade: 30% to 38% proficient 
    • 4th grade: 19% to 49% proficient 
    • 5th grade: 13% to 36% proficient 
  • Sebastian River High School Algebra 1 increased proficiency from 11% to 37%