DATE:  May 11, 2017

Peggy Poysell
Phone:  772-564-3150


Dr. Mark Rendell, Superintendent, joined Florida Department of Education (DOE) Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart, and Lee O’Rourke, Macy’s District Vice President, at Vero Beach Elementary School (VBE) this morning to announce that Katelyn Fiori, has been named a 2018 Macy’s/Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year Finalist. Mrs. Fiori received a $5,000 check, a $500 Macy’s Gift Card, and the school received a $1,000 check. 

Dr. Rendell said, “It is wonderful to have our very own Katelyn Fiori recognized as a Finalist for Florida’s Teacher of the Year. Her dedication and commitment to her students is unmatched. She is certainly deserving of winning the crown outright. I would like to thank the Department of Education and the folks at Macy’s for sponsoring this competition and shining a light on the true superheroes in public education – the teachers in the classroom.” 

Cynthia Emerson, VBE Principal, said, “Kate is one of the most incredible teachers that I have ever seen. She embodies both the accountability and data driven decisions to help her students make incredible growth in math and ELA along with the deep understanding that relationships are the key to getting students to truly care about their learning. She builds deep intrinsic motivation in every single child. She is the perfect example of the "VBE Vibe!" 

Mrs. Fiori said, “I am incredibly elated and humbled to be a Finalist for the State Teacher of the Year. It is an honor to bring recognition to the amazing things we are doing at Vero Beach Elementary and in Indian River County School District.” 

See Florida DOE Press Release 


2018 fl toy finalist katelyn fiori1

Pictured L to R:  Dr. Mark Rendell, Superintendent; Pam Stewart, Florida DOE Commissioner of Education;
Katelyn Fiori, 2018 Macy’s/Florida DOE Teacher of the Year; Lee O’Rourke, Macy’s District Vice President.


2018 fl toy finalist katelyn fiori3

L to R:  Dr. Mark Rendell, Superintendent; Pam Stewart, Florida DOE Commissioner of Education; Katelyn Fiori, 2018 Macy’s/Florida DOE Teacher
of the Year; Lee O’Rourke, Macy’s District Vice President; Cynthia Emerson, VBE Principal

2018 fl toy finalist katelyn fiori2

     Mrs. Fiori’s students celebrate!!!