DATE:  February 9, 2017

Flynn Fidgeon, Public Information Officer
Phone:  772-564-5527


The State of Florida has identified 40 School District of Indian River County teachers as being the highest impact teachers in the state.  A recent analysis of student performance on statewide standardized assessments found that these teachers impact on student growth is among the most positive in the state and to have had a significantly positive impact on student learning.

Dr. Rendell, Superintendent, said, "We cannot thank these teachers enough for their hard work and dedication.  They are exemplary educators and we are very fortunate to have them in our classrooms.  Our students are better every day because of them."

Pam Stewart, Florida Department of Education Commissioner, said, "Whether in a classroom where students arrived already high achieving, or a classroom in which students were underperforming, your efforts provide inspiration and opportunities to young people that may have been otherwise inaccessible."

Each teacher received a certificate and a letter from the Florida Department of Education recognizing them for this accomplishment.  


The list of High Impact teachers:

High Impact Teachers

Beachland Elementary

Julie Baker  - 5th grade

Fellsmere Elementary

Kaitlin Embrey - 5th grade

Ashley Bangert -  Title I Resource

Lauren Neely - ESE

Glendale Elementary

Kerrie Davis - 4th grade

Barbara Presley -  4th grade

Donna Sarnoski - 4th grade

Jessica Porter - 5th grade

Gifford Middle School

Rhonda Asselin - Language Arts

Amy Houseknecht - Math

Bonnie Julin - Reading

Imagine Charter School

Terri Bortolotti - 5th Grade
Sharon Kaylor - 8th Grade Language Arts
Lisa Novelli
Kristin Pianelli, Language Arts 6th Grade
Libby Sanderson - Math 6th Grade
Elizabeth Trax - 5th Grade
Sharon Kaylor - 8th Grade, Language Arts

Liberty Magnet

Antoinette McCart - 5th grade

North County Charter

Destiny Lorance - 4th grade

Summer Maldonado - 5th grade

Osceola Magnet

Joseph Antosh - 3rd grade

Julie Rhue - 4th grade

Oslo Middle

Michele Wheeler - Science

Heide Schwager - Reading

Pelican Island Elementary

Jodie Snapp - 4th grade

Rosewood Magnet

Karen Zwemer - 4th grade

Deirdre Creech - 5th grade

Storm Grove Middle

Shana Nathaniel - Language Arts

Rhaeanna Harcourt - Language Arts

Joshua Post   - Math

Susan O'Bryan - Math

Sebastian River High

Heidi Maloney - Language Arts

Sebastian River Middle

Heather Dixon - Language Arts

Jeff Ferguson  - Math

Lisa Rieck - Math

Latoya Bullard - Reading

St. Peter’s Academy

Pamela Pervola 

Treasure Coast Elementary

Kimberly Clements - 5th grade

Deborah Coyle - 5th grade

Michelle O'Connell - Math Coach

Vero Beach High School

Angela Combs - Language Arts

John-Peter Demsick - Language Arts

Amy Barentine - Reading

Martha Rubio - Reading

Beth Wynn - Reading