Backpack Buddie Program

The Club has adopted a program at Pelican Island Elementary School, children are provided with a backpack filled with food to take home with them on Friday after school. The backpack is then returned on Monday and filled again for the following weekend. The school recognized the need for this program when several children were observed to be unusually hungry on Monday mornings during school breakfast. The Rotary supports this program and many others at our school.

PIE Santa Book Day

The Rotary Club of Orchid Island has donated a book to every child for the past two years, a total of nearly 1000 books, cookies and candy canes have been distributed by Santa! Students look forward to this wonderful event.

Mentors and Speakers

The Rotary Club supports our school by providing guest speakers, the club also provides many of our students with mentors....... they read, eat lunch and provide homework assistance for our students.