Oslo families- as stated in the Code of Conduct, the school board requires, for middle and high schools, that the School Advisory Council (SAC) decide whether a unified or restrictive dress code is necessary for the safety and welfare of the student body and school personnel. When the SAC determines that a unified or restrictive dress code is necessary, the proposition shall be submitted to a vote of the families of students at such school, pursuant to a procedure established by the superintendent. If the proposition is approved by persons eligible to vote, and passes with a vote of at least fifty percent + 1 (majority vote) in favor of the proposition, then the requirement for a unified or restrictive dress code shall be established and enforced at that school.

All current families were invited to two SAC meetings (February and March) to discuss Unified Dress and give feedback.  It was determined by the SAC that OMS should proceed with a vote for Unified Dress.

Incoming 6th grade families had an opportunity to come to our Orientation evening on March 30th and vote.

Current 6th and 7th grade families were asked to vote through the survey function of School Messenger.  

End vote was at least fifty percent +1- which equals majority vote - therefore Dressing for Success will be part of the culture at Oslo Middle School starting school year 2017-2018.

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