Osceola Magnet School will be a model for the state in the areas of 

Science and Math Exploration with the integration of the Arts and Literacy

in an engaging, positive and collaborative community.


Here's a fun video about our pick-up procedures!  Osceola Magnet Pick-Up Procedures


Osceola Magnet School in the News!!!

    National Magnet "School of Distinction"              State of Florida "School of Excellence"

    State of Florida "Grade A" for 2017-2018


 immunizations IRC



Download this file (5th-Grade-Orientation-Packet.pdf)5th Grade Orientation Packet5075 kB166 Downloads
Download this file (Accessing-iReady-from-Home.pdf)Accessing iReady from Home499 kB1325 Downloads
Download this file (Back to School Immunization Flyer 2018.pdf)Back to School Immunization Flyer 2018.pdf150 kB171 Downloads
Download this file (Extended-Day-Program-Forms-2018-2019.pdf)Extended Day Program Forms124 kB234 Downloads
Download this file (Information-for-Teacher.pdf)Information for Teacher58 kB578 Downloads
Download this file (Orientation Packet 2018-19 (rev. 7-24-18).pdf)Orientation Packet 2018-19 (rev. 7-24-18).pdf1106 kB432 Downloads
Download this file (Orientation-Paperwork-1st-Graders.pdf)Additional Orientation Paperwork for 1st Graders183 kB537 Downloads
Download this file (Parent-Handbook-2017-2018.pdf)Parent Handbook 2017-20181310 kB651 Downloads
Download this file (Parent-Student-Contract-Osceola-Magnet-School.pdf)Parent-Student Contract with Osceola Magnet School329 kB374 Downloads
Download this file (Rainy-Day-Dismissal-Procedures-for-Parents.pdf)Rainy Day Dismissal Procedures for Parents255 kB454 Downloads
Download this file (Supply List 2018-2019.pdf)Supply List 2018-2019304 kB619 Downloads
Download this file (Uniform-Policy-OMES.pdf)Uniform Policy187 kB1347 Downloads
Download this file (Volunteer-Handbook-OMES.pdf)Volunteer Handbook1128 kB467 Downloads
Download this file (What-is-Tech-Time-for-OMES.pdf)What is Tech Time for OMES?473 kB354 Downloads
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