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Fact Fluency

Free Rice Multiplication

Free Rice Video-Helping the Hungry

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Fluency in Operations  

That Quiz

Arithmetic Fluency + - x ÷  (Click Long B)

Whole number Inequalities  > < =

Place Value Rounding – Whole and Decimal



Interactive Angle Measurement

Measuring Angles

Protractor Practice


Deriving Area of a Circle







Identify Simple Fractions

A  Identify Fractions- Circle

B  Identify Fractions- Lines

Fraction Fluency

    #1 Circle Fractions Improper  to Mixed

    #2 Circle Fractions Mixed to Improper

    #3 Line Fractions Improper  to Mixed

    #4 Line Fractions Mixed to Improper

    #5 Equivalent Fraction HigherTerms Circle

    #6 Equivalent Fractions Higher  Terms Line

    #7 Simplify Fractions Circles

    #8 Simplify Fractions Lines

    # 9 Compare Fractions Circle

    #10 Compare Fractions- Lines

    #11 Adding  Fractions with Same Denominators (Circle)

    #12  Adding  Fractions with Same Denominators (Line)

    #13  Add  UNLIKE fractions (Circle)

    #14  Add  UNLIKE fractions (Line)

    #15  Add  and Simplify Circles

    #16  Add  and Simplify Lines

    #17  Subtract Circles

    #18  Subtract Lines

    #19  Subtract and Simplify Circles

    #20  Subtract and Simplify Lines 

   Fractions Flashcards


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Illuminations 3-5 

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