Liberty Magnet School Uniform Policy - UPDATE for School Year 2017 -2018

No Unnatural Hair Color

School Logo Only (no outside logos)

If you have any questions contact the school before purchasing.






Jewelry - Nothing lose or dangling (such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.)

UPDATE:  2017-2018 School Year 

No unnatural hair color


Spirit Day is Friday only 

Blue denim jean pants, shorts or skorts-solid – no marking-no cargo or painter style

School spirit shirt or uniform shirt only.


Cold Weather Wear 

Jeans or sweatpants are allowed on cold days when it is 50 degrees or lower.. The sweatpants must be PLAIN, one color without stripes or other decoration and they must NOT have any logos or writing on them.

ALL SWEATERS, SWEATSHIRTS, AND FLEECE TYPE (SWEATSHIRT LIKE) JACKETS must be a solid color, no stripes or decorations, etc. They can NOT have any logos or writing, other than the Liberty logo.

Thicker jackets and coats for really cold weather may be school appropriate, any color, but will be removed in the classrooms.

*Sweaters-Solid red, white or navy cardigan or pullover-collared shirt underneath

*Sweatshirt-School Logo sweatshirt or red, white or navy-collared shirt underneath

*Sweatpants-Solid red, white or navy

Turtlenecks-Red, white or navy-under a collared shirt or sweatshirt


Liberty plaid is available at the uniform shops (located in Vero Beach) and the French Toast Catalog. Other pieces may be purchased at Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Target and Wal-Mart.


  1. Note in agenda
  2. Phone call to the parent
  3. Send to the office to contact the parent to bring proper attire

Special notes: 

*Shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers or long pants in navy or khaki must be worn at the waist, with shirt/blouse tucked in. Shorts, skorts, skirts and dresses must be no shorter than fingertip in length.

*Any shorts or pants that have belt loops must have a belt worn at all times.

* "Liberty" plaid jumper, dress, skort, shorts or skirts in our red, white or navy blue can be worn for girls.

*On cold weather days, students may wear sweat pants in red, white, or navy blue.

*Spirit tee shirts are only to be worn on Friday with jeans or jean shorts.

Parents/Legal Guardian of students with inappropriate uniform attire will be contacted and asked to bring replacement clothing to school.