school of innovation video  

School Mascot:  Florida Black Bear 

School Colors:  Tops - Red, Navy Blue, and White; Bottoms - Kakhi & Navy 

Student Hours:  8:40am-3:20pm 

Bell Schedule:  Start: 8:50, Tardy: 9:00, Dismissal: 3:30

Our Vision: 

To create a safe environment where all students engage in their own self efficacy so that they learn the lifelong skills needed to be successful; emotionally, socially, and academically.


Our mission is for our students: 

  • To promote positive and collaborative relationships with our staff, community members, and families. 
  • To create a scholarly focused environment through Cultural Arts and beautification efforts 
  • To promote intentional Professional Development in Literacy instruction to all teachers K-5th to improve Tier 1 for an 80% success rate. 
  • To provide the students who need extra support with additional time, practice, and strategies in an afterschool enrichment program. 
  • To create the structures that will empower our students to take ownership of their learning and the belief that they can become college and career-ready students.  


Bear Creed

I BELIEVE in myself and the great things I can do…
I EVOLVE as I learn and grow…
I AIM to reach my goals and to set new ones…
I RESPECT who I am and the people that surround me…
I am proud to be an Indian River Academy Bear!