Instructional Provision Plan

Instructional Provision Plan

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Beginning Tuesday March 31st, 2020, the School District of Indian River County (SDIRC) will implement its Instructional Provision Plan which will provide students with uninterrupted connections to their learning paths and curriculum. Through this plan, SDIRC will provide information, curriculum, lessons, activities, and additional practice and enrichment resources for students and families using a variety of options which include:

  • Online, adaptive instruction incorporated within the Instructional Provision Plan to meet individual learning needs
  • A blended learning model of online instruction and specific customizations created by the classroom teacher
  • Teacher-created, online courses located within our learning management system (Canvas)

A paper-based option for core instructional classes has also been developed, for students who may experience difficulty accessing online content, or have varying learning needs.

  • Paper-based packets will be available at each school and distributed through mobile cafes at scheduled breakfast and lunch locations.
  • Students and families should contact their teachers to determine which option will best serve the child.

The instructional plan contains a list of core and supplemental resources, content, and learning suggestions based on SDIRC curriculum maps developed by grade level. We are committed to providing quality, online learning, with access for all students. In addition to the kindergarten through 12th grade lessons, resources for exceptional education and English Language Learners will be provided for students and parents.

To help parents assist their children  with  access to  these resources at home,  the Instructional Technology Department has a webpage with a video providing  guidance and support for the digital instructional resources used in your child's classrooms. Parents can also read the Quick Reference Guide for Extended School Closures.

SDIRC is committed to ensuring that any district family who needs a computer to access the digital instructional resources will be provided one for the duration of school closures. Links to information about student laptop distribution and Internet options can be found by visiting