The Gifted Services Department is continuously working to ensure that the procedures and processes we utilize to identify and provide services to students in need of gifted services are consistent with state rules and regulations and support best practices in educational decision making. Ultimately, we strive to make certain that student needs are accurately identified so that we may appropriately align and allocate services in a way that promotes positive outcomes for all students in our school community.

Effective September 1, 2014, our ESE/Student Services Department will be implementing “Procedures for Review of Parent-Initiated Gifted Evaluations Completed at Private Expense.” Consistent with Florida State Board of Education Rule 6A-6.03313, results of independent evaluations obtained at private expense will be considered by the school district with respect to eligibility decision-making for exceptional student education services. The intent of the current review procedures are to ensure that gifted evaluations completed at private expense are:

  • Being processed for eligibility consideration in a timely manner
  • Being conducted by practitioners who are sufficiently credentialed and qualified to provide such services
  • Yielding results which are both valid and reliable for educational decision-making to ensure the appropriate identification and provision of services is occurring
  • Yielding results which aid in developing an overall understanding of a student’s needs when taken into consideration with other existing educational data related to the student

Attached below you will find the Procedures for Review of Parent-Initiated Gifted Evaluations Completed at Private Expense. As is required by the Florida State Board Education Rule 6A-6.03019, the following criteria will be considered for determining eligibility for gifted services:

  • evidence of need for a special program
  • evidence of demonstration of a majority of characteristics associated with students who are gifted
  • levels of intellectual development

We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to acquaint yourself with these procedures. Please feel free to contact either your school-based ESE Resource Specialist or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., District Program Specialist for Psychological and Gifted Services (564-5949), if you have any questions.