Families and Staff arrived at Glendale at 9:00 AM Saturday to participate in a Campus Clean-Up Project.  The project was part of United Way's National Day of Service.  They started the day with the Kickoff party at 8:00 AM at the PAC, then came to Glendale to start the clean up.  Volunteers brought shovels, rakes, brooms, gloves, and wheelbarrows to help spruce up the Glendale campus.  It was so great to see so many staff and family members "Helping the Rest".  They trimmed trees, raked up leaves and branches, pressure washed the building and sidewalks, laid mulch, washed windows, and cleaned the main office. PTA supplied the workers with water, coffee and snacks.  The project ended at 11:00.   Everyone walked away feeling good about the work that was done.  There's no place like Glendale! 

clean up 1

clean up 2

clean up 3

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clean up 5

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clean up 9