Did a system error during open enrollment cite the wrong premium for an employee?  No

FACT: An employee described in the paper indicated during the enrollment process that both they and their spouse worked for the district.  The spouse did not work for the District.  When two married employees work for the district there are two Board contributions credited to them which diminishes their premium.    

The School District has taken extra steps to ensure accuracy in all aspects of the insurance program.  

Because the employee did not have a spouse working for the District, the benefits team accurately flagged this situation, corrected it, and charged the proper premium. 

This information was shared with the reporter.


Can employees drop their coverage due to the December rate increase?  Yes 

FACT:  The Affordable Care Act allows a person to drop coverage when a significant rate change occurs, but fails to define "significant."  When employees began to inquire about the ability to drop coverage, the District researched this matter and began allowing employees to drop coverage. 

If an employee drops coverage, they will be entitled to a refund, retroactive to December 1.