Did the District staff communicate insurance rates with post-age-65 employees prior to School Board approval?   Yes

FACT: When District staff knew there would be a need for a rate increase, this was shared with retiree members of the Health Insurance Advisory Task Force.  The retiree representatives wanted the retirees to know about the needed increase promptly.  They were concerned that if a retiree wanted to drop coverage they were under tight timelines to get coverage through the Medicare Open Enrollment period.  For them, early communication was better.  The recommended rates were sent to retirees as soon as possible, before the Board had approved them.  If the School Board had not approved the rates, they, of course, would not have been implemented. 


Did the District staff implement retiree rates without School Board approval?  No

FACT: The School Board approved the new rates on November 22, 2016.  The rates were implemented January 1, 2017.  The communication from the District to retirees was not explicit that implementation was contingent on Board approval, but they certainly would not have been implemented if the Board did not provide approval.  No rate change was implemented, absent School Board approval.