Did Human Resource employees turn in travel authorization requests after they had already travelled?  No

FACT: The two employees actually requested their travel to a professional conference (and it was authorized) ELEVEN MONTHS IN ADVANCE.  The early request allowed the District to get reduced rates on registration for the conference. 


Did District staff receive prior permission for their expenditures on procurement cards while travelling?  Yes

FACT:  In all cases, prior permission is sought and received prior to use of procurement cards and the dollar amounts of expenditures in excess of the limits were authorized while travelling.


Did District personnel eat at expensive restaurants while travelling and charge the District taxpayers?  No

FACT: Meal reimbursements during authorized travel periods are established by Florida Statute 112.061.  The reimbursement amounts are limited to $6 for breakfast, $11 for lunch, and $19 for dinner.  Even if a meal costs more than this, the reimbursement is limited.  Employees are only permitted to request reimbursement for meals actually purchased.  For example, if a hotel offers free breakfast, they are prohibited from billing the District for that meal.  If a convention provides a lunch as part of the registration, employees may not bill the District for that same meal.

Did two School District employees fail to file trip-leave authorization forms for a three-night trip to Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida?  No

FACT: A supplemental coach and a student-athlete made this trip.  Since the coach is not a full-time employee and the student is also not a full-time employee they are not required to fill out trip-leave forms.