Our local newspaper and media outlets are a great partner in sharing the good news about all of the wonderful things happening in our schools and our community.  Unfortunately, there are times when information is reported inaccurately, or facts are misrepresented.  We have created this page to provide the accurate information to the public when that occurs.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Public Information office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 772-564-5527.


2017-07-24 Educator Who Knows Gifford Middle Returning to the School as Principal 

2017-07-24 School District Cleans House at Gifford Middle 

2017-04-28 No public bids sought for $1M school contract 

2017-04-20 Graduation rate improved (by lowering the bar)2017-04-20 Graduation rate improved (by lowering the bar)  

2017-02-23 Will Coach Joe be reinstated as teacher tonight? (Vero Beach 32963/Vero News)

2017-02-09 One-fifth of teachers at Gifford Middle have quit thus far this year (Vero Beach 32963/Vero News) 

2017-01-21 School District Forced Him to Take Insurance Until... (Press Journal/TCPalm) 

2017-01-05 School District Kept Inaccurate Health Insurance Records (Vero Beach 32963/Vero News) 

2017-01-05 School Employees Use ‘The Card’ for Fancy Hotel Stays (Vero Beach 32963/Vero News)

2016-12-30 School District Cover-up Seen Over Blame for $7 Million Deficit in Health Insurance Fund (Vero Beach 32963/Vero News)

2016-12-29 Fritz Usurps School Board Authority in Raising Retiree Insurance Premiums (Vero Beach 32963/Vero News)