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The primary goal of the ESOL program is to develop as effectively and efficiently as possible, each child's English language proficiency and academic potential. It should also provide positive reinforcement of the self-image and esteem of participating students, promote cross-cultural understanding, and provide equal educational opportunities. 

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The Vero Beach High School (VBHS) mentor program is designed for English Language Learners (ELLs) that are in second grade at Vero Beach Elementary.  This program has been a yearly occurrence for the last five years.  The high school student-mentors team up with a second grader for at least a semester, with most students committing to mentor for the full year.  On a weekly basis, they work on reading, math and language skills together.  The goal is to help VBE students master grade level material so that they are better prepared for 3rd grade.  The main idea is to have a one-on-one tutor/mentor that invests in the life of a younger student.  VBE students ask whole-heartedly, “When do I get to see my high schooler?”  The joy when they see their friend/mentor walk in is well worth keeping this program alive.