SDIRC Announces Positive COVID-19 Cases 3-10

SDIRC Announces Positive COVID-19 Cases 3-10
Posted on 03/11/2021

Vero Beach, FL, March 10, 2021– Today, our school district received information confirming a total of 5 positive COVID-19 cases. Following case investigations and contact tracing by the Department of Health, the information below includes the number of individuals identified as meeting close contact criteria with the individuals who tested positive. Those identified are required to quarantine, and monitor for symptoms, prior to returning to campus. All families of students required to quarantine on each campus have been notified by district officials. All school families and staff members of the campuses listed below have been notified of the positive case in their location by School Messenger call. Custodial services are disinfecting and sanitizing all areas of each location to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the return of students and staff members, Thursday, March 11, 2021.


Positive Cases


Treasure Coast Technical College

Case #1: 1 student

Case #2: 1 staff member

Case #1: 0

Case #2: 6 staff members

Beachland Elementary School

Case #1: 1 student

Case #2: 1 student

Case #3: 1 student

Case #1: 6 students

Case #2: 3 students

Case #3: 8 students

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