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October 24, 2019

SDIRC Releases "Fake Threats Result in Real Consequences" PSA Video

Vero Beach, FL, October 24, 2019— At our business meeting on Tuesday, October 22, we released our “Fake Threats Result in Real Consequences” PSA to remind our students, and our community, of the consequences of making a fake threat against a school or individual in our school district.

Unfortunately, throughout the country, students making “fake” or “unfounded” threats against schools or individuals within schools is increasing. Using social media, text messages, making comments in public, and even comments made among friends, that are threatening in nature, can be a single poor decision that will impact the rest of a young person’s life. The purpose of this video was to include faces that all of our students were familiar with and get the message across that fake threats result in real consequences. Age, gender, race, and whether or not a threat was a joke does not matter. Teachers, administrators, coaches, peers, and our community are vigilantly listening. The safety of our students and staff members is our number one priority, and we are blessed to have the support of our local law enforcement agencies, and our SROs who are on every campus every day keeping our students and staff members safe. We are asking our district families to partner with us at home and talk to your students about the seriousness of making a fake threat, the importance of reporting threatening comments they may hear or see on social media, and how to use social media responsibly.

Laura Zorc, SDIRC Board Chairman, said, “Through the school district’s well-organized partnership with local law enforcement, every threat is taken seriously, and thoroughly investigated. We want to ensure that every student understands the serious consequences attached to pranks. Across the state, we are seeing the harsh reality of students faced with legal ramifications from what was said to be “a joke.” We cherish every student, and when it comes to safety, we aren’t taking any chances.”

“We are happy to partner with the school district on this important message,” stated Deryl Loar, Sheriff at Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. “We treat every threat received as real. Students need to know that the full investigative power of the Indian River County Sheriff's Office will be expended on every threat to ensure the safety of our schools. Please share this message with your family and make sure they understand that their words matter.”

David Currey, Chief of Police for Vero Beach Police Department, added, “All threats are taken seriously and must be vetted by authorities. We, as law enforcement, spend time and resources determining what threats are real and what threats are fake. As a community, let’s work toward eliminating fake threats so law enforcement can focus and concentrate on legitimate threats and concerns.”

“For our children’s safety, please remember the importance of reporting valid threats,” Chief of Police for Sebastian Police Department, Michelle Morris, stated. “Fake threats waste a lot of time and resources, and have severe consequences.”

Chief Touchberry, Chief of Police for Fellsmere Police Department, said, “Making a fake threat to a school or school function effects everyone in the community. It is important for students to report peers who make threats so that everyone is protected.”

The School District of Indian River County has a special version of this video available for the use of other school districts, if requested. Please contact if you would like to use this video to send this important message to your community and school district.

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