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May 16, 2019

Fellsmere Elementary Employee, Daisy Rios, Named a State Finalist for School-Related Employee of the Year

Vero Beach, FL, May 16, 2019- One week after being notified by the Florida Department of Education that our district had a State Finalist for Teacher of the Year, we were informed that we also had a State Finalist for the 2019 School-Related Employee of the Year! The School District of Indian River County (SDIRC) is excited to announce that Mrs. Daisy Rios, Secretary at Fellsmere Elementary School, has been selected out of 71 district-level candidates throughout Florida, as one of the top five State Finalists for the 2019 School-Related Employee of the Year. This morning, District staff, students, teachers, and administration at Fellsmere Elementary School surprised Mrs. Rios on the hardcourt with cheers and excitement from hundreds of excited supporters.

In January of this year, Daisy was chosen as our District School-Related Employee of the Year at our Stars of the Year Gala. After that night, Daisy completed a State packet, which included, a minimum of two letters of recommendation, a Superintendent nomination letter, a Statement of the Nominating Committee, continuing education or training courses, and commendations. Prior to this, Daisy was interviewed by our District selection committee, and her supervisors submitted rating forms and supporting documents, as evidence of her contributions to students, school, the district, respect and admiration of colleagues and the community, and exceptional skill and dedication to her job, to name a few. After completing and submitting her packet in February, our entire District has been eagerly awaiting the news!

“What an honor to be chosen as one of the State Finalists for Employee of the Year!” said Daisy Rios. “This was completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise! I am extremely proud to represent Fellsmere Elementary, the surrounding community, and all our amazing teachers and staff in Indian River County. I am thankful for being recognized among such an amazing group of educators and employees.”

Ramon Echeverria, Principal of Fellsmere Elementary School, added, “Today was nothing short of EPIC for Daisy Rios, our school, and our community. We are extremely proud to have Mrs. Rios represent our school and district as a State Finalist for School-Related Employee of the Year. She is a great example of positivity, authenticity, and the importance of human connection for everyone that enters our school.”

SDIRC Employee of Year State Finalist with staff and students

Dr. Mark Rendell, Superintendent said, “Daisy Rios represents the best of Fellsmere Elementary. This school and community are intertwined and, as a former student and now employee, Daisy is an illustration of this. Not only is she an incredible employee, she is also an incredible person. We are very fortunate to have her on our team. We are excited that she has been recognized as a State Finalist.”

Daisy, and four other Finalists, will travel to Tampa next week to attend the State Board of Education meeting at Mort Elementary School on May 22nd. During this meeting, each of the five finalists will be recognized, and the 2019 Department of Education School-Related Employee of the Year will be named.

Congratulations to Mrs. Daisy Rios, as she moves forward to compete in the running for the 2019 Department of Education School-Related Employee of the Year. Your entire district is very proud of you, and we are cheering you on!

SDIRC State Employee of Year Finalist with students

SDIRC State Employee of Year Finalist

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